challah board

Challah Table


American Black Walnut


20" x 14" x 2" 

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Challah is a central part of the services that we preform on the Shabbat. This Challah/bread is considered the most scared of all foods and even has its own blessing. This blessing is special in that once said, it assumes blessing on all other food groups at that meal. Also, if wine is not present, Kiddush can be said over the Challah!

Challah's unique status and special characteristics are drawn from the double portion of 'manna' that fell for the Jews in the desert. A sample of this manna was saved in perpetuity in the Jewish temple in Jerusalem where another sacred bread resided.

The 'Showbread' was part of the daily services and was kept on its own special alter called the 'Table.' 

The Challah Table explores these ideas as a raised alter to inspire the blessing over the Challah.

This Table is 100% solid wood with mortise and tenon joinery.