Raised Board Collection

Queen Ann, Ruhlmann, Federal, Windsor & Shaker


Pictured in Mahogany 


​18"x 12"x 7/8"(2-1/2")


​​The Raised Board Collection is a group of furniture styled Challah boards. These Challah boards were created with the intent to raise the prominence of the Challah on the Shabbat table by giving it a ‘Shulchan/table’ of its own.  
Functionally, the Raised boards are constructed of wood since this organic material with its antimicrobial properties is the ideal food cutting surface.
The Raised board collection challenges its users to have a functioning wood cutting surface presented on a sculpted form.
Each board is inspired by a furniture style and is constructed as a table. Turned and carved legs are attached with furniture grade joinery.
​The Raised Board Collection is furniture for the table, a Shulchan for the Lechem Mishneh/double portion to reside.
The Collection: Queen Ann, Ruhlmann, Federal, Windsor and Shaker are similarly scaled at 18 x 12 x 7/8 and the board rises to a height of 2-1/2".​​The boards have a oil and wax finish.


Challah Board, serving board, food display riser

Challah Board
Challah Board

Queen Ann


Challah Board
Challah Board
Challah Board